celebrating 41 years

impacting chicago and beyond

For over 41 years, Chicago Community Kollel has served as the premier prototype kollel of its kind for Chicago and the U.S. Its impact on the city through the presence of its distinguished alumni who hold key positions in Chinuch, Rabbonis and other professions is immeasurable.


Please Join us

Motzei Shabbos - 18 February 2023

8 PM at Ateres Ayala
3412 W Touhy Ave. Skokie IL

Valet Parking Available

the Event Program

Keynote address

Rabbi Ephraim


Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Meor Yitzchak

Special Musical Guest

R’ Nechemiah

Join us for a


With Harav Ephraim
Wachsman Shlit”A

Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim
February 17 and February 18
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Friday Night

Oneg Shabbos
with Harav Wachsman

Accompanied by R’ Nechemiah Brodt

8:30 PM at the home
of Rabbi and Mrs. David Weinschneider
6122 N. Sacramento Avenue

Shabbos Morning

Drasha by Harav Wachsman

Following 8:30 AM Shacharis at
Cong. Adas Bnei Yisroel
6200 N. Kimball Avenue

Shabbos Afternoon

Shalosh Seudos
with Harav Wachsman

Following 4:30 pm Mincha at
Chicago Community Kollel
6506 N. California Avenue

Help us continue to spread torah
throughout our community and beyond!